Data Analytics with Python

Data Analytics with Python

Learn how the data is analysed & concluded and model the information with Python for automation.

About the Course

Data analytics is a scientific process through which raw data is analysed to obtain information and form conclusions. Set your course and run Data analysis in real-time to work with Python, SQL.

Utilise the gathered information, optimize the process and increase the overall productivity of your system or business. Understand the Data analysis components and Python-based analytics applications.

You’ll learn to run real-time data analysis with visualizations to obtain data-driven solutions. Master the Python programming skills and utilise Machine Learning to analyze complex datasets.

Data Analytics with Python-0

Course Details

Introduction to Python


Introduction to python’s Data types, Functions, and Libraries

Data Analysis & Cleaning


Dive into python Pandas, and Libraries

Building data pipelines with pandas, and python’s Libraries

Data Visualization


Data Visualization with Matplotlib
Building Machine learning algorithms with SciKit-learn

Capstone Project Review


Opportunity to apply what you have learned in class to a real world use case

CV/Resume Writing and Interview Preparation


Interviewing skill
Problem-solving skills
Resume workshop


This course consists of:

10 weeks in duration
1-on-1 dedicated sessions
Data Projection & Implementation
Quizzes, assignments, & tasks
Flexible timing & course content
Guaranteed score in interviews

Success-driven solutions & opportunities

Data Analytics with Python-1

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What you’ll learn

Basic & Advanced skills of Programming with Python

1-on-1 sessions with professionals

Job-oriented career counselling

Tips to nail interviews

Top trending projects’ exposure

Machine Learning implementation

Data Analytics with Python-2
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