Learn and take full command in SDLC Methodology & Project Management, Requirements gathering, Databases and SQL, ETL, and Reporting with Tableau

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Introduction to Python, Predictive Modelling, Data Analysis, Model Development, Machine Learning, Data Visualization in Python

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Introduction to Hadoop & Big Data architecture, building data warehouses with Hive, data cleansing with Pig, and NoSQL Databases

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Code, Decode, Execute

No matter which program attracts you the most, always choose courses based on relevance, market value and implementation. To be successful in our courses, start with the basics, grow with development and implement for real.

With Data Desk’s detailed courses about Data & Analytics, learn the most appropriate methods on data & analytics. Create a collaborative infrastructure of your work and engage with enterprises to develop something fascinating.

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Nanodegree Programs

In our Nanodegree program, you can learn valuable skills, starting from the basics. Each course we offer covers content that supports the program. Strengthen your expertise in data manipulation and machine learning right away.

The essence lies with attention. Our professional instructors successfully create an atmosphere while teaching that prompts learning. Discover combo skills, communicate about findings and establish data-driven solutions.

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