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Data Desk is a thriving platform of education that enable individuals to learn, implement, and excel knowledge about data science, data analysis, analytics, database administration, data architecting, business analysis, data engineering, and machine learning.

In a fast-growing world of IoT, the use of data and data skills has become a key component of successful business growth. In 2017, three organizations (IBM, BHEF & Burning Glass Technologies) conducted a study and found out that the data and analytics sector in 2020 will have a significant increase of 2.7 million (est.) employment opportunities.

Just behind is the autonomous vehicle industry that is expected to generate 1GB of data per second, opening doors for thousands of data scientists with new opportunities worldwide.

Innovative breakthroughs in Data Science as likewise has expanded the market-demand of data experts around the world. With strategic decision making, individuals with an accurate set of analytical skills will indeed lead the data analysis sector


Lead the way

If you’re planning to shine your career with success, choose Data profession with a core focus on development, analytics or simply develop skills in the following prospering roles:


Data Scientist

A professional with extensive knowledge of data, build AI tools for automation processes, gathers information from various sources and analyses it according to demand, performance and success of the company.

Data Engineer

An expert who fetches information, develops it and run it to maintain the infrastructure mechanism (Big Data) for large-scale processing systems and databases for system organization.

Data Architect

A designer who build, deploy and maintain databases, identify and deliver structural solutions and manages overall data architecture of the company to ensure feasible access to company data.

Data Analyst

An analyst who collect, inspect, transform and model the information (data analysis) making it user-friendly, also runs statistical analysis on complex data with problem-solving skills and logical approach.

Database Administrator (DBA)

A specialists in software & hardware who install, upgrade and patch databases, configure network components, resolve and troubleshoot technical issues and monitoring.

Business Intelligence

A skilled consultant who integrate data and technology to develop inventive solutions, increases productivity, secures output and boosts distribution by improving business processes.

Make the right choice

Through our excellent curriculum and success-centred counselling, students can also conquer the Data Analytics with skills & development as any of the following:

  • Information Manager
  • Data Engineer
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Product Owners
  • Data Scientist

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